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A Letter from School

We hope this email finds all of you doing well and being safe.


The safety of our children is of utmost concern to us.


PBMS's Protocols are about keeping all of us safe in these ever-changing times of COVID-19 and its variants.  Modifications/additions may need to be made immediately as new best practice guidelines come from the State licensing authorities/CDC etc.


Modifications/additions may need to be made immediately and we will do our best to inform and update you regularly. 


We thank you and appreciate your support and understanding in these times when all we want is for all of our children and staff and families to be safe.


Currently, we follow the following COVID 19 Protocols at Paint Branch Montessori School:


Reduce Community Transmission:

1.  Parents do a touch-less drop-off and pick up after they answer the “safety questions’ at their allocated times of arrival and departure.

2.  We have a dedicated entrance and exit door that no one else uses during the day

3.  We are currently unable to welcome anyone into our building

4.  We have dedicated classroom spaces that no one else uses during the week.

5.  No one else enters our classrooms except for our fully vaccinated and masked staff

6.  We have an HONOR system for our families to inform us of any possible contacts/out-of-state visits etc. and we ask that you self-quarantine for 2 days before you send your child back to school after an out-of-state trip.

7.  Each family signs a Parent COVID 19 Commitment to keep all of us safe

8.  If a child is unwell and not their normal-self, we ask that families keep unwell children at home 

9.  If a child is unwell and misses school, we ask that you take them to their pediatrician to get a note to clear the child for school/do a COVID 19 test.


1.  Fully vaccinated and fully masked in class

2.  They have been COVID 19 trained for:

  -  arrival and dismissal guidelines

  -  handwashing and sanitizing hands

  -  bleaching surface areas daily

  -  place ‘used’ materials for ‘clean-up’ 

  -  cleaning all used materials daily

  -  to help children be less anxious

  -  deliver the Montessori curriculum

  -  time in nature to work and read

3.  Encouraging socialization behaviors and happy friendships

4.  Reading calm and peaceful books to keep our children happy and safe

5.  Teaching children about having their voice and concerns heard

6.  To make sure we respond promptly to your questions


Children: Daily:

1.  Temperature checks

2.  Sending just the lunch box and water bottle home

3.  Appropriately distanced work areas marked by individual mats on the floor

4.  Distanced seating at the table/nap time/meal times

5.  Individually marked chairs

6.  Individually marked areas for placing their water bottles

7.  Positive affirmations about hygiene routines like sneezing, wiping their nose, and washing hands

8.  Having easy and rapid access for washing hands

9.  Have sanitizers available at all times

10.  Individually marked small bins to contain classroom materials/ school supplies

11.  Individually marked areas for placing their water bottles

12.  Placing used materials away in the clean-up area


Children: Weekly:

1.  Big Boxes to store each child’s stuff/cleaned regularly

2.  Jumbo Ziploc bags to keep each child’s ‘nap’ stuff at school

3.  Sending their nap’ stuff home in a separate jumbo Ziploc bag

4.  Keeping their backpacks at school all week 

5.  Send backpacks home with completed work on the last day of the week

6.  Sending the ‘nap’ stuff home on the last day of school

7.  Asking that you send clean 'nap'/rest stuff on the first day of the week

8.  And we will continue to do best practice recommendations 


We are grateful for your continued support as we continue to educate our children to become the happiest they can be in life!




Sunit Grover and Team

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