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Diversity and Inclusivity

Next to their homes, school is the place where most children spend a majority of their time. While supportive parenting is paramount to raising a healthy child, educators are the next step in creating an inclusive, accepting, and compassionate environment for all children.

  • At Paint Branch Montessori School, we respect and celebrate the diversity of communities around us.

  • Any differences of race, religion, socioeconomic standing, sexual orientation, color, political leanings, among numerous others, are the basis of creating a powerful lived experience for our students, staff, and families.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to our strongly held values of embracing our uniqueness and celebrating our differences in solidarity with the wider world community.

  • This is done with respect, peace, and personal responsibility.

  • We oppose discrimination and consciously recognize the value of diversity throughout our hiring practices, admission process, classroom composition, professional development, and community activities.

  • Our educators are trained to communicate and interact with children in a compassionate manner to foster collaboration.  

  • Our staff reflect the beauty of differences and similarities in the world. We represent over 9 languages and cultural zones of the world amongst our staff. 

  • Our Montessori materials and lessons foster the acceptance, appreciation, and celebration of different ideas and lifestyles.

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