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Physical education is an integral part of the curriculum. Our Montessori environment provides for both the promotion and the refinement of movement. Our emphasis is on the child improving their own athletic and coordination abilities and learning to be an effective team member.


Various media are used to support the development of creative expressions and skills. A variety of techniques and materials are available in the classroom. Art history and appreciation are introduced to the students in weekly art lessons.



Students have class with a music teacher once a week. Primary students practice singing and study musical concepts. Our students attend instructional classes which progress from the study of musical instruments to learning how to conduct music. Music classes for all levels of students include music appreciation and music history.


All students attend weekly Spanish classes. The Primary instruction includes Spanish songs, books, dance and dialogue. Our students progress through levels of Spanish vocabulary and conversation. Classes are run by an instructor who also introduces food and culture through the means of songs, cooking and art and craft. Our parents report that their children sing in Spanish around the house!

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