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❖ We are always looking for help in many different areas to keep the school running smoothly. 

❖ We encourage family members to come and share their hobbies, talents, careers, and interests with our students. 

❖ Volunteer support is critical to run our many annual school events. We ask families to assist with at least two calendar events. 

❖ New ideas or suggestions are always welcome. 


General School Volunteer Opportunities: 

● Ambassador – Welcome and mentor new families. 

● Restaurant Nights – Coordinate school dinner fundraisers at local restaurants. 

● School Community Outings – Explore new ideas for events families could participate in outside of school (ex: bowling night). 

● Marketing – Develop new marketing or advertising ideas. Assist in creating school flyers and advertisements. Support the school's Facebook/Instagram postings. 

● Maintenance Support – Maintain and repair classroom materials and furniture. Help maintain and beautify the school grounds. 

● Technical Support – Maintain the school’s technical equipment. 

● Fundraising – Explore new fundraising opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities for Annual School Events:

(These sign-ups will be posted closer to the event)

Open House 

● Attend Open House 

● Meet prospective new families 

● Talk to visitors at the Open House 

● Advertise and share information about the Open House 

September Events 

Meet & Greet Breakfast – Volunteers needed to:

● Set up 

● Clean up 

October Events 

Grandparents & Special Friends Day – Volunteers needed to:

● Set up food & beverages (provided by families)

● Refill food & beverages as needed 

● Clean up 

November Event 

Fall Celebration – Volunteers needed to: 

● Organize activities for the students 

● Supervise activities for the students 

December Events 

Holiday Potluck – Volunteers needed to: 

● Coordinate entertainment for the children 

● Set up 

● Clean up 

April Event

School Assembly – Volunteers needed to: 

● Help with costumes 

● Assist with props and backdrop etc. 

● Set up/ Takedown 

● Assist with recording the show/Lights 

May Event 

Teacher Appreciation Day – Volunteers needed to:

● Coordinate teacher luncheon 

● Set up 

● Clean up

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