At Paint Branch Montessori School, we encourage family members to come and share their hobbies, talents, careers and interests with our students. Family involvement has included: mammal studies, cooking, planting, composting projects, music demonstrations, chick hatching program, sewing, drawing, Chinese art and calligraphy lessons, Geology Lesson, Botany presentation by a Smithsonian scientist, computer programing lessons, African studies, South American studies, Power Point presentation by an NIH scientist, Microscope DNA studies with an FDA scientist. We are very fortunate to have such supportive families!

Here are some school volunteering opportunities for our families:

  • Restaurant Nights - Coordinate school dinner fundraisers at local restaurants

  • Marketing - Come up with new ideas on ways to market the school, create flyers and advertisements

  • Maintenance Support - Maintain and repair classroom materials, furniture and beautify the school grounds & playground

  • Fundraising - Explore new fundraising ideas

  • Technical Support - Maintain the school's technical equipment

  • School Community Activities - Explore new ideas for family events to participate in outside of school (ex: bowling night)

  • Welcoming Committee - Welcome and mentor new families

Volunteer support is also essential in coordinating our many annual school events.

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